Candy and kids are just like best friend forever right? Children love to eat candy as they can rely on candy instead of other food to eat everyday. By definition, candy gives the meaning of something that pleasant or appealing in its own way. It is made from crystallized sugar with the addition of ingredients such as flavor and color. In fact, children always express joy when eating candy. However, do you ever know that by eating candy children will only get energy but it does not provide any essential nutrients to the body like protein, minerals and vitamins.

It is not wrong of giving candy to children, but excessive intake of candy which is high sugar content might cause several bad effects to them. Do you know what are the bad effects of it?

Bad Things about Candy

  • Obesity: Due to high intake of sugar from candy has led to obesity among children. Even though candy is not the only culprit of children obesity but still parent must control the consumption.
  • Tooth decay: It becomes worst when all the candy residues stuck on and in between of the teeth and become cavities. Parent must ensure your kids brush and clean their teeth correctly to avoid detrimental effects of sugar on the teeth.

Be a Creative Parent

In order to instill your child’s of eating healthy food, just be creative! What can parent do is that:

  • Prepare a healthy snack by adding nuts, dried fruit and honey instead of ordinary candy for your kids
  • If your kids want to eat candy try to replace it with chocolate as it still contains nutrients coming from the milk compared to candy but remember it should be given moderately.

Anyway, this children natural eating habit can be control if parents take the full responsibility to keep on monitoring and guiding them all.

Happy Parenting!

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