Tantrum can be a scary nightmare for any parent to deal with their young kids. It may range from whining, crying and screaming. Sometimes they also tend to be kicking, jumping and hitting. However, rather than looking at them as disasters, parent can treat tantrums as opportunities for education. Tantrums are part of normal development in every child. It is actually a reaction of child to show that they are upset, sad or angry.

Why kids have tantrums?

Tantrums may happen to kids when they feel hungry, tired or uncomfortable. They also can behave emotionally when they cannot get something they want like toys or their mum. Along this situation, children are actually learning a skill on how to deal with frustration over the time. Usually, tantrums are common during the second year of life where the kids’ language is beginning to develop. As toddler cannot say yet what they want or feel, a very frustrating experience may cause a tantrum. However, not to worry dear parent because when their language skills improve tantrums tend to decrease in themselves naturally.

How to handle kids’ tantrums?

  • Parent should keep calm first when responding to a tantrum.
  • Determine the main reasons why your kid is upset? If your child is tired or hungry. It’s time for a nap or snack. Let them enjoy eating snack or taking a short nap for a while.
  • If tantrum is happening to get attention from parents, the best way to reduce this behavior is to ignore your kid.
  • The louder they scream the softer parent should speak. It because when we talk slowly and softly meaning that we care for them and love them very much.
  • Give your kids incentive to behave like for example, when you are going to eat at restaurant and you remind your kids to sit still and behave. Offer them a reward sticker if they managed to behave nicely.

Happy parenting everyone!

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