Open ended material toys are things that children used to play in a variety of different ways. It enables children to play freely without having any rules to follow, use or function. Children can determine what materials are used and how to use them without any restriction. The open-ended materials are part of exploration process and yet could inspire creativity among children.

List of Open Ended Materials Toys

  • Natural open ended play materials:
    • stone
    • small twig
    • sands
    • water
    • leaves
    • sea shells
  • Manufactured open ended play materials:
    • play dough
    • blocks
    • buckets
    • chalk
    • ropes
    • boxes

Benefits of Open Ended Materials Toys

  • It provides multiple uses and endless play for children
  • It enables kid to be creative and express themselves in play, often using materials to explore and represent other things
  • No pressure to complete the ‘end product’ or bound by limitation
  • Cost effective in long term effect because some of them are recycled items such as paper towel rolls, cardboard boxes, beans and many more
  • It provides the children a chance to plan, create and investigate

As a parent, we should inculcate the feelings of happiness by playing in the real world rather than in cyberspace. Let them mingle with friends and explore things around us naturally. In fact, by doing these might polish their communication skills, coordination skills and many more. So, happy parenting!

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