Do This! If Your Child Is A Picky Eater

Do This! If Your Child Is A Picky Eater

Picky eating is a common problem among children. It can be frustrating for parents. Food will be wasted or thrown away just because their children refuse to eat it.

Sometimes parents who have run out of ideas to prepare suitable food for them as well. Up to a point, they don’t care if the food is suitable or not with the nutrition the child needs.

Today we want to share some things you can do to help your child expand their food horizons. Here are some tips for dealing with picky eaters:

  1. Don’t force food – This will only make your child more resistant to trying new things. Instead, offer a variety of foods and let your child choose what they want to eat.
  2. Make mealtimes fun – Play games, sing songs, or let your child help you cook. This will help make mealtimes more enjoyable and less stressful for everyone.
  3. Don’t make a big deal out of it – If your child doesn’t eat everything on their plate, don’t make a fuss. Just let them know that it’s okay to not like everything and that there will be other meals later.
  4. Be a role model – Children learn by watching the adults in their lives. If you want your child to eat healthy foods, make sure you’re eating them too.
  5. Offer new foods repeatedly –  It can take up to 15 times for a child to try a new food before they decide if they like it or not. So keep offering new foods, even if your child doesn’t like them at first.
  6. Make food fun to look at – Cut food into fun shapes or serve it on a colorful plate. This can help make it more appealing to your child.
  7. Don’t give up – It may take some time, but with patience and consistency, you can help your child overcome their picky eating habits.

Here are some additional tips that may be helpful:

  • Talk to your pediatrician – If you’re concerned about your child’s picky eating, talk to your pediatrician. They can rule out any underlying medical conditions and offer additional advice.
  • Join a support group – There are many support groups for parents of picky eaters. These groups can provide you with support and advice from other parents who are going through the same thing.
  • Read books and articles about picky eating – There are many books and articles available that offer advice on how to deal with picky eaters. These resources can provide you with additional information and support.

We hope these tips help!

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