Have you ever wonder what kind of ingredients are been used to make instant noodles? The instant noodles are fully made from wheat flour, water, salt and alkaline water. By mixing these simple ingredients, we will definitely get the noodles that everyone would love it.  Indeed, instant noodles were consider as one of the favorite foods among kids due to its savory taste. However, sad to say the nutritive value found in instant noodles are very low and yet can be harmful and might affect the development of children.

In general, instant noodles are contained with less nutrients but loaded with certain harmful chemicals that can affect your kid’s physical and mental development. It is also made up of heavily processed refined flour which does not contain any essential vitamins and minerals and thus has no nutritional value.

Instant noodles healthy or unhealthy?

It is hard to say that every noodles are not healthy because an ordinary noodles made from kneaded dough are still considered healthy. However, when it comes to instant noodles, it has to undergo several processes to declare itself as instant. The basic step involved in producing instant noodles begin by steaming the noodles first. After that, steamed instant noodles are usually been deep fried in a very hot temperature oil to prolong the shelf life of it by dehydrated the water content in the noodles. The noodles may contained lots of trans fat coming from the oil. This step would be crucial as it will make the noodles re-hydrated easily after putting hot water before eating it. The seasoning sachets in almost instant noodles contained excessive sodium whereby it exceeded the daily intake of sodium for a child. Just to remind, an overdose intake of sodium may lead to the risk of heart attack, liver disease or kidney failure among children. Even though instant noodles were originated from wheat flour, the source of carbohydrates are not a good one and it may cause a child to overeating and finally would lead to obesity. Too many preservative in one sachet can become carcinogenic to kids body system.

What parents can do to avoid over-consumption of instant noodles among children?

Yes you may allow your kids to eat some but definitely in controlled amount very strictly. Instant noodles can be eaten once a month. You may add some fresh vegetables like celery, carrot, cabbage, bean sprout and tomatoes just to add some nutritional value to a bowl of instant noodles. However, you must always keep in mind that too much consumption of instant noodles in your children eating habit might cause danger to themselves. You can buy a packet of instant noodles but you have to control it by hook or by crook. Enjoy reading and happy parenting! 

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